Dreamboat Formerly Secret Feature work about

Welcome to Dreamboat. I'm Ray McClure. I recently updated the company name to commemorate the vivid dreams I have been having. Like art, they sometimes reveal meaning in the connection of seemingly unrelated concepts. "Dreamboat" refers to an object of attraction and a voyage through the subliminal: the realm of new ideas.

3D and audio experiences and installations using Three.js and the Web Audio API are what keep me busy, but lately I have been making eyes at the fashion world with new concepts for interactive catalogs and lookbooks. I'm also very excited for virtual reality following my Oculus piece at the Gray Area Theater and began digging into Unreal Engine.

I am always looking to share ideas or chat about the future!

Reading sci-fi? Listening to experimental music or techno? Into synthesizers? What's good? Lets talk.

Email me: ray@secretfeature.com.

Follow me on Twitter: @rayreadyray.

You can also find me participating in the Cultural Incubator Program at the Gray Area Theater.